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Intersecting Line Pipe Cutting Machine
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Intersecting Line Pipe Cutting Machine

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Three-axis numerical control steel pipe intersecting line cutting machine consists of the pipe rotation axis, the cutting torch axis moving axially and horizontally along pipes, the cutting torch axis swinging along the axial and plane direction of pipes, and the cutting torch lifting axis (additional axis). It can machine steel pipes with diameters ranging from 60mm to 1,000mm and adopts four-paw self-centering chuck clamping, with the maximum machining length of 11,800mm. It is mainly used for intersecting cutting of branch pipe ends of various pipe trusses including bevelling, and non-bevelling cutting of through holes and holes of various shapes.


Technical Parameters:

Machining pipe diameterφ60~1000mm
Machining pipe thickness6~100mm
Machining pipe lengthMaximum 12,000mm
Maximum pipe weight5T
ChuckFour-paw self-centering
Control axisXYZ axes
Precision of cutting torch moving repositioning≤±0.2mm/2000mm
Bus positioning precision≤±0.5mm


Product Details:


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