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H-Beam 180° Hydraulic Overturning Rack
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H-Beam 180° Hydraulic Overturning Rack

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Product description

Mobile 180 - degree flip bracket by the host, and other components of the hydraulic system and electric control system, the host by a 90 - degree flip the rocker, chassis, walking, walking wheel motor slowdown scheduler, guide rail, etc.

Work off the table, deceleration motor drive two groups flip stent synchronous moving, making work to middle groove, and then by the oil cylinder lose rocker arm will turn 180 degrees, workpiece and then move to the middle roller intermediate, cable pipe using drag chain layout, beautiful safe, reliable, the machine has compact structure, easy operation.


The main parameters

For workpiece weight≤15T
Flip artifact maximum cross section size800*1500mm
Walking motor power2*1.5kw
Walking speed6m/min
Flip tank diameter140mm
Hydraulic pressure maximum20Mpa
Hydraulic power station18.5kw

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