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Conveying Roller Bed

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Product description

As an important part of H-section steel welding production line, the conveying roller bed organically connects the assembling machine, the 90-degree overturning support, the cantilever welder, the steel shifting machine, the 60-degree overturn support, the 180-degree overturn machine and the straightening machine, reducing use of crane to the utmost and improving the welding productivity. The conveyor roller beds are arranged in a one-driving one-driven interval way, and are in linear arrangement from the assembling machine roller bed to the straightening machine roller bed (no turning). The 90-degree overturning support, the steel shifting machine and the 180-degree overturning machine are arranged among the roller beds alternately. For a workpiece of 6 meters to 15 meters, the conveying rollers of the whole production line adopts length of about 75 meters, and include 10 driving roller beds and 10 driven roller beds. If a workpiece is more than 15 meters long (18 meters, 20 meters or longer), the overall length of production line and the length of roller bed arrangement will be rearranged.


The main parameters

Drum diameterφ155 mm
The drum wall thickness13mm
Active power roller1.5kw/section

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