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H-Beam 90° Hydraulic Overturning Rack
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H-Beam 90° Hydraulic Overturning Rack

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Product description

Technical features 

In order to reduce the use frequency of traveling crane and improve the shifting and overturning efficiency, we adopt the hydraulic shifting and overturning machine, the steel shifting machine, the overturning support, etc., realizing automatic shifting and overturning in the whole process of welding and straightening.

Three 90-degree overturning supports, the supporting equipment of heavy steel line assembling machine, form a group. They are mainly used for shifting vertically arranged H-section steel into horizontally arranged one through 90-degree overturning for entering next working procedure for welding. Adopting hydraulic cylinder driving the L-shaped overturning arm to rotate, the three 90-degree overturning supports can overturning synchronously thanks to the synchronous valve of the hydraulic station.


The main parameters

Web height200-800㎜
Flange width200-1800㎜

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